Heat Strokes Are Preventable



  • Since 1990, 836 children have died from heatstroke after being accidentally left in cars. That’s the second-most common cause of nontraffic child fatalities from vehicles, behind only accidental backovers.
  • If the outside temperature is 90 degrees, a car’s temperature can spike to as high as 133 degrees after only an hour.

Action - Please use the RJ Alert System

Look around until a child is found


  • Use roll sheet or physical check off sheet to account for all children
  • Follow procedures by counting and recounting the children in your care
  • Ensure that no child is left behind in a transportation vehicle.  Check every row because someone may have fallen asleep.
  • Your actions could save a child's life and save you from being charged with negligence. 


  • Never leave a child alone in a car
  • Take safety steps to ensure a child is not forgotten
  • Care for a child as if he or she were your own
  • Let's not take chances with another child's life

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