We will NEVER stop fighting for you and every other kid like you! Rest in heaven RJ.

About Us


Passionate Parents Who Suffered a Tragic Loss

The last thing my family expected was the sudden and tragic death of our only son Raymond Pryer Jr. aka 'RJ'. RJ was only 3 years old when he was left in a HOT daycare van after a field day outing in Houston, TX.  Raymond was found in the Discovery Me Academy's daycare van upon the arrival of his father on the evening of Thursday July 19, 2018. As you can imagine this devastated our family and friends. Anyone who knows us knows how much we loved our only son.


Our Goal

The RJ Foundation 4 Kids was created in our son's honor. This foundation will give our family the opportunity to bring awareness to the importance of child safety, and help prevent another tragic  and senseless death. Through this foundation we hope to keep RJ's memory alive while helping others.


Our Success is Your Success

We have to give children the care, time and support they deserve. We will bring awareness to the importance of child safety, especially during the hot summers. We plan to engage with numerous childcare centers to help bring awareness to the importance of preventing the same tragedy that we lived.